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Agro Fonte Alta's Export sector has a valuable network of partners: they are producers who trust the company to store, sell and export their coffees. We work together with these partners to let the activity of coffee production sustainable, with good economic and social returns for producers and their families.

We believe that the key to success is the mutual collaboration with these producers, which results in the production of quality coffees in a sustainable way, increasing yields and collaborating for an activity that brings social, environmental and economic benefits to all involved.

There are normally three different ways to ship coffee for export. These processes are performed according to the request and infrastructure of each importer.

Jute sacks 60KG

These are the traditional coffee bags. A 20 feet container holds around 320 bags.

Bulk Container

These are specific containers for transporting coffee. Lined with special wood and packed with a Liner Bag (Big Bag) made of polypropylene with a capacity equivalent to 360 bags. This process is the most used nowadays, of all, it is the one that minimizes costs.

Alpha Bags

They are made of polypropylene and have a capacity for the equivalent of 20 bags.

Mantissa<br /><strong>Specialty Coffees</strong>

Specialty Coffees

Mantissa Specialty Coffees features the best coffees from Mantissa Farm and from producers in the Campestre region. The attention to the details from cultivation to cup makes the Farm a reference in quality, sustainability and ethics. In this way, we show the world all the potential that the region has to offer and the unique flavors of its coffees.

Located in a privileged region, Mantissa Farm produces high quality Arabica coffee with an area of ​​308ha, 160ha of coffee, the main varieties grown are Yellow Bourbon, Yellow and Red Catuaí, Yellow Catucaí, Mundo Novo, Obatã, Arara and Icatu. The average production per year is 8,000 bags.


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Agro Fonte<br /><strong>Exporters</strong>

Agro Fonte

Agro Fonte Exporters has a daily quotation for producers interested in marketing their coffees. The export stores, and makes the entry and exit of the product without charging fees with a lot of transparency, honesty and complete structure.

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