History of the<strong><br />Agro Fonte Alta Group<br /></strong>

History of the
Agro Fonte Alta Group

GRUPO AGRO FONTE ALTA was created in 2009 with the dream of planting, cultivating, harvesting and marketing a coffee that is a reference in quality. Over these years, the company has specialized in producing fine and special coffees with continuous development in research and processes.

All grains come from three properties, two farms located in the city of Campestre and one in Machado, in the south of Minas Gerais (Brazil), at approximately 1,280 meters above sea level. The region is characterized by heat during the day and cold at night, which makes the sugars are concentrated in the grain, in addition to being 100% arabian and controlled origin. The coffee plantations are intermingled with strips of Atlantic Forest, with fertile and clayey soil.

Since the beginning, the focus of activities has been the production of high quality coffees, with certifications that guarantee socio-environmental responsibility from its origin to cup.

Cutting-edge technology and best practices join the whole Minas Gerais tradition to ensure the cultivation of high quality coffee varieties. With selective, manual and mechanical harvesting, the AGRO FONTE ALTA brand and its partners have a modern center to prepare different coffee processes - including several natural, hulled, fully washed, microlots, tasted by the most demanding consumers around the world.


To grow, process, store, industrialize and sell quality coffees, in a sustainable way, guaranteeing the traceability of its products.


Achieve excellence in the entire coffee production chain, offering a quality product from cultivation to cup, both in the domestic and foreign markets.


  • Ethic
  • Respect
  •  Dedication
  •  Professionalism
  • Punctuality and
  • Transparency

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