All coffee is produced according to demand, there isn't stock, which means that the consumer always has a coffee with a recent preparation at hand.


The Lilla Opus 4 roaster has the same characteristics as an industrial roaster. With a fully digital system, it adds technology as a requirement for the coffees to have a roasting standard, combining high yield, consistency, performance and reliability, controlling and programming the parameters that directly influence the result of the final product, such as temperature and internal pressure in the roasting chamber.

Production Capacity

We have a production capacity of 100 tons/month.

Controlled Origin

Because we do the entire process, from planting to roasting, we have full traceability of everything that is produced.

Social Concern

In addition to beverage care, we appreciate manual work as it generates income for the local population.


The farms are certified in accordance with the international codes of Certifica Minas, BSCA, Orgânicos do Brasil and Rainforest Alliance regarding environmental preservation, social integration and professional farm management.

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