Located in a privileged and strategic point at km 483 of the BR 267, 2 km from Trevo de Campestre, Armazém (warehouse) Café da Fonte provides its customers with state-of-the-art specialized equipment for drying, processing and reprocessing coffee. From the pre-cleaning of the beans, through the separation by size, separation by density, husking, electronic selection by color, blending (alloying) of the coffees to storage, the entire process is automated, controlled by computers and closely monitored by experienced staff.

The quality control of the coffees is carried out in a modern and equipped laboratory, through testings and tastings coordinated by professional tasters.

The Warehouse also offers a flexible coffee storage system, capable of holding 160,000 bags of 60 kg, in sacks or big bags, fully integrated into the computerized system, which generates greater operational efficiency and allows full traceability through the issuance of reports and coffees stored for customers.

From the reception to the storage and preparation of coffee, Armazéns Gerais Café da Fonte offers the best technology to take care of your coffees.

The right place to receive your coffee and your trust.


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Coffees are received and shipped in sacks, big-bags or bulk shipping.

Our <br /><strong>Services</strong>


 The process of separation and selection of beans is carried out by state-of-the-art machines, which provides a better standardization of coffee.

Our <br /><strong>Services</strong>


Excellent infrastructure capable of guaranteeing the good conservation and safety of the beans, as well as complete traceability of the coffee lots.

Our <br /><strong>Services</strong>


Great structures with stone picker machines, classifiers, densimetric tables and grain sorter machines. In addition to silos, electronic scales, among other equipment.

Our <br /><strong>Services</strong>


Excellent teams of classifiers, checkers and machine operators to monitor the processes of receiving, shipping and reprocessing the grains.

Our <br /><strong>Services</strong>


In addition to professionals with extensive experience in the area, the producer also has alternatives in the commercialization of coffee, with complete advice in the sale of specialty coffees and future coffees.

Coffee Preparation

Separation of beans according to their size. Traditionally sieves 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and Peas. Larger grains are commercially more valuable than smaller ones.

Electronic machines, through photocells, separate defective grains from healthy grains by color (black, green, burning). Other mechanical equipment separates lighter defective grains (shells, brocades, broken grains, etc.).

The technology used in these processes is very advanced, which provides accuracy in the final result.

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